Adam Ruzzo

Created on
May 26, 2022

WHAT: Folk

WHERE: Annapolis County, NS


Adam Ruzzo travels Canada from coast to coast, gathering stories and aiming to capture the essence of the Canadian experience in his folk music. His inspiration largely comes from the Canadian wilderness, and his music is meant to provide a soundscape to the awe-inspiring beauty of these silent places.

Originally hailing from western Nova Scotia, Ruzzo received a Master’s degree in classical guitar performance from the University of Toronto, and has won first prize in the FCMF National Classical Guitar Competition. His new 16-song album, The Land, the Sea, the People, is an ode to the quiet corners of Canada, inspired by his travels to the country’s vast, rural areas. Songs like “Yukon Gold,” “St. Mary’s Bay,” and “Under the Northern Sky” take the listener along with Ruzzo to experience the peacefulness of Canada’s lesser-populated spots. The album has been well-received within Canada, reaching number one for two weeks in a row in Halifax.