Current Issue: September/October 2021

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Danko Jones
Canada’s Power Trio Knows Who They Are – And So Should You

By Andrew Leyenhorst

Unwavering and uncompromising in their commitment to the rock and roll spirit, Danko Jones is a band that has created an identity that is uniquely their own in the Canadian and international hard rock scenes; and that has remained the case for over two decades. Power Trio, the group’s tenth studio effort, serves as both a commemoration of their unwavering spirit, on top of being an authoritative declaration that they’re going to keep doing what they’ve been doing since the beginning; but these days, they’re more fired up than ever

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A New Vision for SOCAN

Jennifer Brown, the first woman to lead SOCAN, knows what it’s like to make a living on royalties, having grown up in a family of acclaimed songwriters. She talks to Canadian Musician about the unique personal perspective she brings to her role, her journey in the music industry, and how her vision for the company differs from her predecessor’s.

Massey Hall in the 1970s

Music journalist David McPherson shares an exclusive excerpt from his new book, Massey Hall, which focuses on the concert hall in the 1970s and the era-defining shows that took place by the likes of Stompin’ Tom Connors, Anne Murray, The Band, and the infamous “Restless Underwear” show.

Getting More Women into the Studio

Women populate an unreasonably small part of the music industry’s technical side and with each study done on the matter, the only thing that’s grown is the massive number of articles with nearly identical headlines proclaiming, “Less than 5% of music producers and engineers are women.” Simply put, even though we continue to address this percentage time and time again, things have yet to significantly change for female-identifying producers, engineers, and mixers. But why is that? To better understand what changes are needed, we must ask ourselves a few questions; the first being, who do these stats really reflect?

Exploring Your Music Education Options

Canada offers an awful lot of places to get a post secondary education in the music field. With the music industry rapidly changing, it’s important for those thinking about pursuing music academically or as a career to consider what it is they might five different types of institutions in Canada to help you figure out which educational route makes sense, from university degrees to a specialized music management and production institutes.

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