Current Issue: July / August 2023

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Bruce Cockburn Is On a Roll

Bruce Cockburn has been riding a late career peak that rivals Bob Dylan. With a distinguished 56-year sojourn marked by politics, spirituality and a nearly unrivalled musical diversity that has seen him embrace folk, jazz, rock and global styles not to mention his highly respected activism and compassionate and socially conscious lyrics, the now 78 year old Cockburn has released his latest album— the spiritually-based triumph O Sun O Moon.

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Music, Magic & Life Through The Eyes Of Witch Prophet

With a new record out, a busy festival season ahead, and an appearance in a documentary on witchcraft, Witch Prophet is appearing everywhere these days. It’s only right that one such place be in our pages.

Jayda G Finds Herself Through Loss

Titled after her late father, Guy, is Jayda G’s most personal release to date. Known worldwide for her exuberant DJ sets, the Grand Forks, BC-born and London, UK- based writer, producer, DJ, environmental toxicologist, and broadcaster has crafted a vivid, danceable tapestry in tribute to her father Richard Guy who passed when Jayda was ten.

Canadian Musician's 2023 Keyboard Special

Pianists Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne, Martin Mayer, Adrean Farrugia, and Laila Biali share insights on practice, training, and what makes a piano player great, while offering tips for newer players.

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