Current Issue: September/October 2021

Cover Story

This Is Kardi’s Business - Kardinal Offishall On the Music Industry as He Sees It

By Michael Raine

With an artistic ear, scholarly mind, and rich incharisma, Kardinal O shall has shaped a role in theCanadian music industry we have not quite seenbefore. From ground-breaking artist – one of the  rstCanadian rappers to really earn some clout in America– to a mightily in uential A&R executive at Canada’slargest record label, he is a fascinating person withan unusual depth of understanding of music, theindustry, and this country. Here, Kardi shares his storywith an eye towards where he  ts into greater arcof Canadian hip-hop, and details his approach to anever-changing music industry and culture.

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Crown Lands Are Exactly Who They Want to Be

How many bands follow up an eight-minute singlewith a 13-minute single? Apparently Crown Lands,the Rush-obsessed, half-Jewish/half-Indigenous,politically-outspoken prog rock duo who arestrutting their way to stardom. “We’re kind of whowe wanted to see as kids,” explains Cody Bowles.“My dad was a drummer. He’d play 2112 by Rushand, as a baby, I’d be watching him from the  oor. Ithink I always knew I wanted to be a musician.”

DIY Guitar Maintenance - Your Guide to Keeping Your Axe in Top Shape

Whether you’re picking up your guitar for the  rsttime today, or the  rst time this year, we all need toget our axes back into gigging shape as live music nally returns. Omar Shabbar, guitar tech at TheRoot Down Studio, shares the simple tips and tricksthat he thinks every guitar player should knowabout maintaining their instrument. And he alsoanswers few guitar questions from readers!

The Wonderfully Odd World of Prepared Piano - An exploration of this unique & little-understood approach to piano

Put simply, “prepared piano” means a grand piano that has been altered for some modern compositions by having various objects attached to its strings to change the sound and pitch,and performance on which typically involves playing the keys, plucking the strings, slapping the body of the instrument, and slamming the keyboard lid. The key word there is “typical”because preparations – the type of piano, playing technique, etc. – all vary dramatically depending on the player, the composition, and just how comfortable the piano’s owner is with the idea sticking things into their piano.

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