Current Issue: November-December 2022

Cover Story

Nuela Charles

Released in September, Nuela Charles’ self-titled record says a lot about the singer-songwriter. Not only in terms of her overall journey as an artist, but the process of finding a balance between letting yourself be guided and being confident enough to guide yourself along the often-tricky path indie artists travel over time. Tricky it may be, but Charles has negotiated the twists and turns in a way that some would find enviable.

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Touring in the Post-COVID Unknown

Over the past year, Alex Henry Foster & The Long Shadows toured the U.K. and Europe extensively ,being one of the first North American bands to do so since the pandemic began. Here, Alex opens up about the myriad of challenges, from the logistical to the financial and the personal, that came with that undertaking. From cancelled shows, to crummy hotels, and a record heat wave, the obstacles were many and often unpredictable. Nonetheless, Alex and the band persevered and were met with adoring and grateful audiences. How’d they do it and was it all worth it? Let Alex tell you…

What’s Going on with Palaye Royale?

With a new record out and sights set on much bigger things, Palaye Royale are pushing through the difficulties of life on the road to take their band to the next level. Here, guitarist Sebastian Danzig dishes on tour chaos, world-building, and maintaining a good relationship with his brothers and bandmates.

CM ’s 2022 Music EducationSpecial

There are so many paths available in music education, and no definitively correct one. There are conservatories, universities, and colleges, as well as vocational schools, lesson studios, private teachers, and on and on the options go. For those who want to further their formal education in music, it can be very hard to choose the path that is right for them. Cost is certainly a factor, but so are style, schedule, location, workload, and a person’s long-term aspirations and intentions. And so, we reached out to a variety of artists who have studied music at a high level, as well as a couple of people running post-secondary music programs, so that you can learn from their experiences and get their advice on choosing the right path.

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