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May/June 2016 Contents

High Profile, High Expectations Tegan & Sara Are Set To Reach New Heights With Love You To Death
By Adam Kovac
It would seem trite to say that everything is awesome for Tegan and Sara right now, but sometimes, bad jokes can be based in truth. Read more...

SoundBetter Wisdom & Warnings From Live Audio Pros
By Ken Kelley
Our panel of live sound engineers shares tips to help make everyone’s lives easier on the road and deliver a memorable performance. Read more...

Money For Your Muse
Canadian Music Funding & Associated Legal Issues

By Chris Taylor
Top entertainment lawyer Chris Taylor gives us the lay of the land regarding funding available to Canadian recording artists and companies Read more...

Wood, Wires & Wisdom
Up-Close & (Mostly) Unplugged With Some Canadian Guitar Greats
By Levon Ichkhanian

The songwriters in this year’s guitar focus are all known for their artistry and use it as the frame for the stories and sentiments they share. Read more...

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