What: Rock

Where: Pictou County, NS


Talented yet humble, StoneHouse are a rock trio from rural Nova Scotia who have been touring Canada for the last five years. With two full-length albums and three singles out now, the band have earned themselves a decent following, and are picking up more traction and media attention now as they hone in their focus and polish their skills.

StoneHouse invested all the money they had saved as a band, with help from Music Nova Scotia’s Artist Creation Program, into a home studio so they could learn to record themselves and produce their own music. Out of this came their newest single, “Holy Water,” released in April. The single is a new sound for the band, as they are paying more mind to lyrics and storytelling than they had previously.

There’s something refreshingly authentic about the bare bones rock ‘n’ roll from a small-town working-class band like StoneHouse. It’s abundantly clear that their focus isn’t on chasing trends or pushing gimmicks, but rather simply on making the best music they can make and sharing it however they can.