Stand Up and Say No

What: Post-Punk

Where: Gatineau, QC


Sometimes, it’s unexpected places that yield some of the most interesting musical acts. With music stylistically similar to ‘00s groups like The Killers and The Strokes, Gatineau, QC’s Stand Up and Say No – headed by singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Andre Nault – infuses darkly-catchy tunes with biting social commentary on current events.

Stand Up and Say No’s newest single, “Without Constraint,” released in March, adds a new fire to the project’s prolific catalogue, making more use of shifting dynamics, with intense, energetic bursts framed by softer, stripped-down passages, showing Nault coming more into his own as a songwriter and vocalist.

Though Stand Up and Say No’s songs are danceable, there’s also a moody cynicism in plain sight in each of them, making for much more intriguing, immersive listening experience. With three albums and numerous singles already out, Stand Up and Say No already has an impressive catalogue, but based on the more recent releases, what the future holds will be even better.