Selfish Bodies

What: Alternative

Where: Edmonton, AB


Once you’ve heard their anthemic, arena-ready brand of hyper-modern alt-rock, it seems crazy to think that Edmonton’s Selfish Bodies have only been a band for two years. First uniting through an ad on Kijiji, the five members came together and fleshed out a sound based on their distinct and diverse influences. The first taste, their 2019 single “Come and Go” from the Gold Hair EP, pure and simple, doesn’t sound like a debut. At all. The impact and eerie energy of Muse and Silversun Pickups meets the undeniable hooks of Mother Mother, The 1975, and Of Monsters and Men with a lot more tied in for good measure. Their most recent release, the exciting and explosive “Waitress,” builds on their already-solid foundation with a sharp sense of dynamics and huge chorus you’ll be humming for days.

What’s especially cool is the band has a clearly-stated goal of exacting a change in the mental health community. Through their uncompromising lyrics and undiluted image, they want to lend an ear to those that need someone to listen, and lend a voice to those with something to say – or scream. Be selfish, love yourself, and get some Selfish Bodies into your life.