Savage Patch Kidds

Created on
May 26, 2022

WHAT: Alt-Pop

WHERE: Toronto, ON


A duo based partly in Toronto, with feet also in Pittsburgh and Los Angeles, The Savage Patch Kidds create melodic, alternative pop music—and while danceable and catchy, there’s much more to the group’s music than what most would associate with the term “pop.” Comprised of artists Ramona Vogue and kidd Chaos, The Savage Patch Kidds use their differing backgrounds in rock, hip-hop, and alternative pop bring a new sound and energy to their craft, taking inspiration from the differences in the cities where they spend their time as well.

Since releasing their debut EP 1991 in 2020, The Savage Patch Kidds have won the John Lennon Songwriting Contest for their song “Tangible Love,” as well as the Lift-Off Global Network’s First-Time Filmmaker’s Contest for their self-directed music video for the song “Good Old Days.” Their follow-up LP, Oody Mart, is set to release this year. The lyrics aim to tackle the inner workings of the mind as it processes the world these artists have endured.