Sarah May

What: Alt-Pop

Where: Vancouver, BC


After being swallowed whole by Sarah May’s stirring and spellbinding brand of alternative pop, you might be surprised to discover that her first formal release dropped at the beginning of this year. The single was “2 Minutes,” described as “a musical interpretation of the end of the world.” Subsequent months saw the release of follow-up tracks “It Feels Real,” “Universal,” “Before I Go,” and most recently, “A Song of Somebody,” which dropped on Gateway Records’ Pop Right
Now compilation.

The product of nearly three years of work, that collection features collabs with producers like Wildxyouths and Tundra Beats. Thematically, her exploration of alternate realities and the complexities of human behaviour are a perfect complement to the engaging and engulfing atmospheric pop she seems to have mastered out of the gate. Sarah May is currently at work on her first full-length album, set to drop via Scottish label Last Night. Assuming it builds on the foundation of her first handful of tracks, fans of boundary-pushing alt-pop should start getting excited.