M.M. Crone

What: Indie Synthpop

Where: Montreal, QC

Visit: mmcrone.bandcamp.com

The sounds themselves are a blast from the past, yet the way they’re manipulated and mutated in M.M. Crone’s output is decidedly modern and innovative. The result is a fresh-but-familiar take on synthpop (emphasis on the “synth”) that will simultaneously appease fans of pioneers like Pet Shop Boys and OMD along with those of more recent innovators like Grimes, Hot Chip, and Chromeo. There’s also something very Stars-esque about the vocal interplay between Philippe Petit and Margauz Tabary, and that’s a good thing.

What’s particularly impressive, though, is that the Montreal-based duo has established such a well-defined signature sound despite only having an EP and a few singles to their name thus far. And regardless of whether it’s delivered from the stereo or stage, that sound will get people dancing.

If you’re after a dose of dreamy synthpop with cryptic lyrics and an undefinable swagger that would feel right at home in a hyper-stylish car caper flick, give M.M. Crone a try.