Jackson D. Begley

What: Alternative Rock

Where: Oshawa, ON

Visit: www.jacksondbegley.com

Exploring Jackson D. Begley’s catalog feels something like a musical trip through rock and roll history, providing a sense of comfortable familiarity while visiting an
astonishingly fun variety of sonic territories.

On his debut LP, Keep it Dark, the young songsmith’s versatile baritone cords guide the listener through romantic retellings, stories of space travel, and beyond,
cleverly injecting influence from just about everywhere while adding a distinct flair of his own. Horns, guitars, string sections, synths, near-choral vocal stacks; the
works are at play, and Begley executes with precision in his arrangements.

The bombastic “Capsized” perhaps demonstrates this best, a track by driven dark, distorted guitars surrounded by a swath of saxophones, trumpets, and ragtime piano. Begley caps this off with a barbershop-style vocal arrangement and a singalong melody that’s sure to keep its wind in your sails.

His most recent track, “Wake Up”, released in the fall of 2020, continues in a similar vein, although with more emphasis on the guitar and some of the most powerful singing he has put to record.