Ishaan Grotra

Created on
July 25, 2023

What: Pop

Where: Oakville, ON


Though he’s not even a teenager yet, Ishaan Grota has been striving for music greatness for years. Singing and making music has been his obsession since he was three years old, belting out his own songs on a small toy piano. Since then, Grota has performed with the Mississauga Children's Choir for several years and then joined the AFGM (A Few Good Men), a boys choir group in Oakville. He says he feels most comfortable on stage and has been involved in numerous musicals with the Play Project at the Mississauga Living Arts and also is member of a competitive hip-hop dance team.  

Grota has classical vocal training, reaching RCM level four with honours, alongside training in pop music. To date, he has released seven original songs, including “Summer,” “Give It a Minute,” and “Fearless,” which showcase a grasp of composition and vocal control far beyond his years. Recently, Grota was asked by Canada's Got Talent finalist Stacey Kay to perform as a special guest at some of her live concerts.