Harm & Ease

Created on
July 14, 2022

WHAT: Rock & Roll

WHERE: Toronto, ON

VISIT: www.harmandease.com

Harm & Ease is a rock and roll band originally founded in Burlington, ON made up of Rylan Whalen (vocals), Danny Lopez (guitar), John Goodblood (bass/guitar/vocals), and Alex Hammett (drums). The band spent five years in Argentina and made their way to the top of the country’s rock scene. They have recently relocated back to Toronto, and have been striving to make an impact on the Canadian rock scene, especially with their single “Cut Me Loose.” This single has gathered over a million streams and reached the top 10 on the Canadian Rock Charts. It was produced by award-winning producer Tawgs Salter and released by Cosmo Cat Records.

Harm & Ease has a distinct style stemming from a rich variety of influences from music old and new. They have worked with several notable artists and producers such as Walk Off the Earth, Joe Chiccarelli, Dominic John Davis, and more. They are currently promoting their latest single, “Lemonade,” which features platinum-selling artist Fefe Dobson.