What: Acid Jazz/Funk

Where: Saskatoon, SK


FunkJoint is a band you go to when you want to sink your teeth into raw musicianship at its tightest. The Saskatoon jam quintet seems to sit in a permanent pocket both live and on record, while respecting your time with perfectly-paced compositions.

Since forming in 2017, the group has garnered local attention through live shows and a handful of individual recordings, and November 2020 marked the release of their debut EP, Many Worlds.

The five-track, 22-minute effort puts into plain view what FunkJoint has to offer: airtight acid jazz jams with sweet and sweaty grooves, immersive soundscapes, and focused, refined compositions that can change gears at any moment with breezy coolness, as in the opening “Windu’s Revenge”. While the EP is mostly instrumental, “Naturally” and “Siikmon” see frontman and keyboard/bassist Sauvelm McClean take up the mic to deliver a handful of contemplative verses. The band also operates FunkJoint Studio, offering music production services from demo production to livestreaming and media development.