Big Space

Created on
March 24, 2022

What: Jazz-Rock

Where: St. John’s, NL


Big Space is an instrumental jazz-rock trio from St. John’s, NL. Featuring guitarist Grant King, bassist Ian Murphy, and drummer Ashley Chalmers, the band takes a jazz approach to original compositions that touch on genres like post-rock, math rock, and progressive rock.

Free improvisation is a key part of their sound, and the trio is all about taking chances and catching moments of inspiration. Their self-released 2015 debut, Live at The Levee, documented the energy of their live performances. For their 2021 follow-up record, In Relation To, the band headed into the studio but kept the live ethos by committing to no overdubs. A high level of interplay between the three musicians can be heard throughout the album, which combines the dynamic feel of a live show with studio-quality sound. Released in October 2021, In Relation To marks the latest progression in the band’s sound, ranging from riff-driven instrumental rock to contemporary jazz fusion and atmospheric soundscapes.