What: Hip-Hop

Where: Edmonton, AB


You may have seen him on stage supporting the likes of T-Pain, J. Cole, and Tyga, or maybe caught his vid on the infamous In any case, Edmonton-based MC Angelo has been turning a lot of heads in recent years, and it’s easy to hear why. While the Lil Wayne comparisons are apt and inevitable, Angelo casts a wider net of influence and inspiration for a style all his own. His tracks – like the slick and sensual “Don’t Give It Away” from late 2019 – are fresh, focused, and slay from the stage thanks to the artist’s captivating performance style.

Having spent much of 2019 on the road, jumping from one major North American city to the next to play, push his product, and make connections, Angelo is poised to make good on plenty of opportunities throughout 2020 and beyond.