A Calmer Collision

What: Alternative Rock/New Wave

Where: Toronto, ON

Visit: www.acalmercollision.com

A Calmer Collision is the artist moniker of U.S. Gold Record-winning producer/engineer, Ryan McCambridge (Metric, Birds of Tokyo, IAMX), in collaboration with three-time Grammy-winning producer, David Bottrill (Muse, Peter Gabriel, Tool). A labour of love, the independent project grew from their professional work together with iconic artists like Rush and Mastodon, developed during downtime in their Toronto-based recording studios.

The music delivers a modern rock and roll feel that’s influenced by the darker side of ‘80s new wave, with elements that are reminiscent of The Cure and Depeche Mode. It manages to be equal parts classic and modern, though not pastiche. And like those classic bands, and unlike a lot of current indie rock, A Calmer Collision has not forgotten the value of a good chorus, with songs like “Lost Bloodlines” and the lead single “Higher Laws” offering them up in spades. The music also attracted contributions from McCambridge and Bottrill’s wider music community. Erik Alcock, whose voice and writing has contributed to songs by Kanye West, Nas, and Eminem, lends additional vocals to “Higher Laws.” As well, Jeff Schroeder of The Smashing Pumpkins can be heard on “Willing to Burn” with guitar work that punctuates the album’s closing crescendo.