The Behind the Scenes Mental Health Initiative Seeks Recommendations for Canadian Therapists

July 12, 2022

Behind the Scenes, which provides financial assistance and mental health support to North American entertainment technology professionals, is seeking recommendation for Canadian therapists who understand the unique stresses, working conditions, and resulting lifestyle of the industry.

"One of the most frequent challenges we hear from entertainment industry professionals is how difficult it is to find a therapist who knows anything about the unique stresses, working conditions and resulting lifestyle of the industry," the charity says. "In response, we created the Entertainment Industry Therapist Finder (EITF), which only includes therapists who either have personal experience in our industry or have previously seen clients who work in the industry."

Behind the Scenes' call for assistance continues:

With the recent move of the EITF to its new home with, we are now able to accept Canadian therapists into the finder. This means we need the assistance of everyone in the industry who has seen a therapist they thought understood our business and was helpful. By getting recommendations directly from the Canadian entertainment industry we can ensure you won’t have to spend your time educating a therapist about what you do for a living.

If you or a family member have experience with a therapist you think should be listed on the finder, please send their contact information, including name and email, to We’ll reach out to them to let them know how they can sign up.

Therapists will complete an extensive questionnaire that includes their areas of specialty, types of services offered, whether they have weekend and evening office hours or will conduct phone or video sessions, and much more. This will allow those seeking counseling to find the best possible matches for their needs.

Behind the Scenes has collaborated with other concerned organizations and individuals to create the Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Initiative. A series of tools and resources has been developed to not only help you but also assist you in helping your colleagues, friends and family. Find links to additional tools and resources and information about the initiative at