Musicology, Canadian-made Video Conferencing App for Music Teachers, Releases New Browser Version

July 12, 2022

The Canadian-madeMusicology app was launched in April for iPad for music teachers who have struggled with conventional video conference platforms. With the new web app recently launched has students and teachers head back to school, more teachers will have access to the app’s dedicated, interactive tools specifically designed to make online music lessons intuitive, engaging, and more fun on both sides of the screen.Musicology’s interactive web app for any device with a Chrome browser communicates flawlessly with the iOS app.

The Canadian-developed app has made strides in solving the numerous audio/video problems teachers have faced with traditional conferencing apps. Musicology’s full-duplex, peer-to-peer audio, which significantly reduces lag and cancels audio drops, as well as interactive tools like apolyphonic keyboard, annotatable Grand Staff and guitar/ukulele features have been getting rave reviews from music teachers around the world.

“We’re extremely excited to launch the browser-based version of Musicology,” says CEO Rebecca Featherstone, the piano teacher and entrepreneur who founded Musicology a year ago. “All the headaches that music teachers are currently facing with “big name” conferencing apps area bout to disappear—the difference really is amazing. Finally, music teachers can offer fully interactive, high quality music lessons online. It’s like being in the same room together again.”

Featherstone says the browser version is more comprehensive. Not only will teachers and students receive all the interactive features like the Grand Staff with drag-and-drop notation, the playable keyboard and the collaborative whiteboard with file upload abilities, but they will also get MIDI and multiple camera capabilities plus screen share.

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