Misfit Music MGMT: New Manitoba Women-Owned Artist Management Company Launches

July 12, 2022

A new Winnipeg-based artist management and artist services and development company has launched, called Misfit Music MGMT. Founded by Elise Roller, it took shape mid-pandemic and, as Manitoba’s newest women-led artist management company, Misfit manages a current roster of three full-time artists and an artist development (“Artist Evolution”) branch to service artists who want to remain independent or are not quite ready for management, but need the guidance and support of a music industry professional.

Roller’s vision is for Misfit to become a company that supports the many talented Western Canadian artists who do not have the same access to music industry professionals in larger centres like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. She came to this through years of experience in the music industry playing in bands, working in a variety of professional capacities, and as Manitoba Music’s Industry Development Coordinator. Roller left the Manitoba Music role in July 2021 to focus solely on Misfit’s roster and Artist Evolution branch. Roller says she sees Misfit’s role as important for aiding artist growth, and wants to especially help elevate those from underrepresented groups.

Misfit took flight after signing Polaris-nominated hip-hop group Super Duty Tough Work in January 2021, then shortly after, singer-songwriter and producer Sierra Noble. The multi-genre roster now also includes WCMA-nominated grunge-pop/garage-rock duo Mise en Scene.

Misfit’s Artist Evolution services are for artists at any stage in their career. This was an idea started between Roller and her best friend and now business partner, Lyn Asender, an experienced marketer who after years at a financial institution is now spreading her wings into the wild world of entertainment. Asender oversees branding and marketing strategies for both Misfit and Artist Evolution clients. The team is filled out with Chris Bryson, a music enthusiast and freelance writer for Exclaim! who heard about the new start-up and wanted to become involved. With his educational background in communications, marketing, and PR, the Misfit team could not pass up the opportunity to utilize his skills. He assists Roller with day-to-day management while heading up promotions and publicity for Misfit and their clients.

Visit Misfit Music MGMT’s website to learn more about their services, roster, and team.

To set up an interview with Roller, email info@misfitmusicmgmt.com.