Haviah Mighty Launches $10K 'Black-Owned Business Giveaway'

July 12, 2022

As Toronto-born, Brampton-based artist and producer Haviah Mighty continues to celebrate her new mixtape, Stock Exchange, her next move is all about giving back. Mighty is launching her Black-Owned Business Giveaway this month, donating $10,000 amongst a diverse network of Black-owned businesses to help them further expand and thrive. She invites entrepreneurs to pitch their business ideas - both existing and future, big or small - for an opportunity to win up to $1,000 each to support their journey.

Haviah took to her social channels earlier today to talk more about the initiative - have a look at the announcement here. Businesses are asked to text 647-424-3490 for instructions on how to enter.

Finalists will have the chance to pitch their business ideas to Haviah on Instagram Live in January 2022, with winners selected shortly after. Confirmed dates will be announced soon.

The initiative arrives in alignment with Stock Exchange and its messaging to value systems of both economic and creative forms. Following Haviah's 2019 Polaris Music Prize-winning album, 13th Floor, Stock Exchange features an array of acclaimed singles and guests. This year, Haviah celebrated her progressive career with numerous accolades and a monumental return to live shows - defying all odds around a time of change worldwide.

The title, Stock Exchange, refers to a reckoning Mighty had internally over the last year, connecting with how artists are forced to validate their value based on random data - such as followers and subscribers - and losing a part of the authentic human-to-human universal experience of art.

"These statistics that we use to compare ourselves to others and to define our successes, have become proof of our worth. It’s all perception," the artist reflects. "These ideas around perceived value got me thinking about the Stock Exchange. Seeing parallels between the way it flows - the constant rising and falling – all dictated by the general public’s perception of an entity’s value, and ultimately how that influences the moves that we make as individuals."

For a behind the scenes look, Haviah has been producing visual pieces expanding on the process of each song for her YouTube series, The Making Of. Watch them here.