CLMA & SOCAN Partner to Launch New Relief Fund for Small Indie Venues

Michael Raine
July 12, 2022

In partnership with SOCAN, the Canadian Live Music Association (CLMA) has launched AID: #ForTheLoveOfLIVE, a relief initiative in support of Canadian independently owned and operated live music venues with a capacity of 500 or fewer that are struggling due to devastating losses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through AID: #ForTheLoveOfLIVE, a total of $30,000 will go to eligible music venues that have experienced significant financial challenges due to the pandemic. The last two years have been especially devastating to small, independent live music businesses who are vital contributors to our Canadian culture and economy.

"As the live music community works to recover from the prolonged impacts of the pandemic, the health and sustainability of small venues is more important than ever," says Erin Benjamin, president and CEO of the Canadian Live Music Association. "These venues are fundamental to a healthy live performance ecosystem, and AID: #ForTheLoveOfLIVE will help. Our thanks to SOCAN for recognizing the challenges that our beloved live music spaces are facing. We need live music more than ever, so that we can continue to connect fans to the artists, musicians, and songwriters we love, and who change our lives with their incredible work."

Live music venues are a lifeline for the many artists for whom touring and live performance are important sources of income. Small live music venues must be strong to enable the Canadian music ecosystem to thrive.

"As an artist, especially in my early days, small live music venues were fundamental to my growth and development; without them, I'm not sure I'd have the career that I have today. This relief fund will support those key rooms so that artists of the future--and the venues we all love—can make it through this difficult time," adds Julian Taylor, singer-songwriter, musician, and Juno nominee.

Independently owned and operated venues under 500 capacity in Canada are invited to apply for AID: #ForTheLoveOfLIVE between June 13 and July 13, 2022. Venues will be selected by blind, random lottery between July 14 and Aug. 1, and announced on Aug. 4, 2022. A total of 30 venues will receive $1,000 each to help with their recovery.

"SOCAN cares about the entire Canadian music industry," says SOCAN CEO Jennifer Brown. "Live performances are vital to our members' careers, and the strength of concert venues is essential to the Canadian music ecosystem. SOCAN wants to do what we can to support these concert venues, and we are pleased to be working in partnership with the CLMA on this program."

AID: #ForTheLoveOfLIVE was announced at Canadian Music Week's Live Music Industry Awards at Toronto's El Mocambo on June 10.

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Michael Raine

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