Andy Schichter to Join CM for Free Webinar on Grants for Canadian Indie Artists

October 14, 2022

The next free webinar from Canadian Musician and NWC will be all about grant writing and will be held on Friday, Oct. 28 at 2 pm EST. To register for free, go to

Canadian independent artists and companies are very fortunate to have access to a wide array of grants that support recording, touring, promotion, and more. Nationally, there are the best-known music-focused grants from FACTOR and the Canada Council for the Arts, and then are a wide swath of grants from provincial governments that are administered through the MIAs and other programs.  So, for our next free monthly webinar from Canadian Musician and NWC, Editor-in-Chief Mike Raine will be joined by producer and professional grant writer Andy Schichter to discuss the general best practices, common mistakes, useful tips, and more to help you maximize your chances of successfully applying for a grant. We’ll also get into what grants are easiest and hardest to apply for, when in an artist’s career they should begin applying for grants, etc. Of course, there will be time for audience questions.

About Andy Schichter

Andy Schichter is a WCMA-nominated producer and engineer based in Vancouver, BC, where he operates and works out of Park Sound Studio. In addition to his career as a producer and engineer, Andy works closely with established and rising stars in their career development through management, tour booking, and grant writing. Andy has written numerous successful FACTOR, Creative BC, Music BC, and Canada Council for the Arts grants. He is also the manager of DevilDuck Records artist Zach Kleisinger and sits on the board of jurors for FACTOR, Music BC, the WCMAs, and the JUNOs.