September / October 2017 Contents

The Story of
Broken Social Scene’s Hug of Thunder
By Michael Raine

There was a lot of anticipation for Broken Social Scene’s new record, and anticipation can be a curse

Breathe Fire into Your Business
What Dragons’ Den Can Teach Artists About the Music Industry
By Samantha Everts

Dragons’ Den offers arguably the truest representation of how the Canadian music industry works that you’ll find on TV. Everyone’s out to get a deal…

World-Class Women of Brass
Advice from Some of Canada’s Finest Players
By Audrey Ochoa

An impressive panel of brass players with plenty of advice, tips, and insight into the unique aspects of being a female in Canada’s jazz and orchestral communities.

Home Recording 101:
Microphone Basics
By Adam Gallant

Info, tips, and techniques to help you make the right choices when selecting, positioning, and critically listening to your mics for better recordings.

Road Test

Sennheiser’s MK4 Digital large-diaphragm condenser, Plugin Alliance’s massive 100% AAX DSP bundle & Spitfire Audio’s new Spitfire Symphony Orchestra sample library

Indie Insider

Can Indie Artists Get on Spotify Playlists?


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Guitar - Dru DeCaro
Keyboards - Todd MacLean
Bass - Deryl Gallant
Percussion - Stephane Chamberland
Woodwinds - Bill McBirnie
Brass - Paul Baron
Digital Music - DJ Vekked
Vocals - Micah Barnes
Writing - James Linderman
Recording - VanRip
Live Sound - Travis Stoddart
Business - Matt Jameson

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