January/ February 2017 Contents

Mother Mother
Balancing Quirk & Convention
By Andrew King

"I didnít enjoy writing this music," admits Mother Motherís Ryan Guldemond about No Culture, the bandís upcoming album - and there are several reasons for that.

The House That Heaven Built
In Pursuit of the Perfect Live Music Venue
By Paul Gains

Musicians are always in search of the perfect place to play - one that nurtures artists and the scene around them. Thankfully, these types of venues still exist.

DIY Touring
Part 2 Ė Promoting Your Tour
By Liam Duncan

Putting together a great tour doesnít end when the booking is done Ė that is, if you want it to be successful.

Knowledge Is Power
The Many Faces of Music Education
By Jim Norris

Boost your future success in music by becoming a life-long learner on the ground and in the cloud..

Road Test

QSCís versatile & compact TouchMix-30 Pro console, a pair of compressor pedals from BOSS & an early look at Steinbergís Cubase 9 Pro.

Indie Insider

The Disappearance of Musicís Middle Class


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Guitar - Dru DeCaro
Keyboards - Colin McTavish
Bass - Carlos Puerto
Percussion - Aldo Mazza
Woodwinds - Dan Schnee
Brass - Paul Baron
Digital Music - DJ Killa Jewel
Vocals - Ryan Luchuck
Writing - Diana Williamson
Recording - Noah Mintz
Live Sound - Travis Stoddart
Business - Paul Sanderson

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