March / April 2018 Contents

Brett Kissel & Meghan Patrick
The Continuing Rise of Canadian Country
By Andrew King

Two of our hottest country stars talk Nashville, Canadian country’s industry infrastructure, the importance of live performance, and more. .

Elise LeGrow
Reimagining Chess Records Classics & Herself
By Ashley Jude Collie

Who do you love? Well, you’re probably gonna love singer Elise LeGrow and her debut full-length record, Play

Cool Heads Prevail
The Unique Challenges of Life as a Touring Musician
By Liam Duncan

Stress. It’s all-too-familiar to those who make a living through music, though as our panel of touring artists suggests, a positive outlook and faith that everything will work out goes a long way.

Music Therapy for Musicians

By Amy Di Nino

We’ve repeatedly touted the importance of music therapy and how musicians can get involved; this time, we look at the advantages for musicians on the receiving end.

Queens of the Low Frequencies
Our 2018 Bass Special
By Jason Raso

There are so many amazing bass players in the world, and now more than ever, a great number of them are women. If you find this surprising, you should get out more.

Road Test

A suite of software reviews including Steinberg’s Cubase Pro 9.5, Waves’ Scheps Omni Channel plug-in, and the Bus Glue collection from Joey Sturgis Tones

Indie Insider

Music BC’s Phoenix Program & The Need for Music Business Education, Part 2


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