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Canadian Musician magazine is Canada's magazine for professional and amateur musicians. Published since 1979, the magazine covers prominent Canadian artists, the latest gear technique and the business of music.

Published bi-monthly, Canadian Musician features regular columns on Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Percussion, Brass, Woodwinds, Vocal, MIDI, Business, Songwriting, Live Sound, Recording and On-Line Music. Also included are classified ads, opportunities for musicians, new releases and new products.

Latest From Canadian Musician:

Register Now for 'Beyer Connection' Free Technical Workshops & Demos - November 26th, 2015
Beyerdynamic and its Canadian distributor, Techni+Contact, have teamed up to offer two free education, demo, and networking opportunities for musicians and audio professionals called Beyer Connection. At both Beyer Connection events, one for recording and the other on live sound, attendees will learn the secrets of microphone technique and network with the music industry's best. This special event features advice from Bernd Neubauer, applicati... Read More

Sari Delmar

Ticket to Ride


It's hard not to feel like you're always getting the short end of the stick in the music industry or that there's some big inside joke you're not a part of, whether you're a developing artist or budding music industry professional. In this blog Sari Delmar, President of Audio Blood and her team, will give you tips on navigating the independent music industry in Canada!

Sari Delmar got her start in the industry at a young age as a freelance writer for top music publications such as Exclaim! and Clash Magazine (UK).

The Latest Ticket to Ride :

5 Things the Music Industry Needs to Stop B**ching About - February 27th, 2015
Managers, agents, publicists, artists, we love to b**ch! I’m the first one to admit that sometim... Read More

Hal Rodriguez

The Six String Shed


A blog on improvising, comping, and practicing for guitarists of all styles. Both practical licks and theory will be discussed to expand your vocabulary and mind.

Hal Rodriguez is a Toronto based guitarist, bassist, and music teacher. For lessons and transcription services, he can be contacted at

Latest From the Shed:

Interview with Billy Sheehan - October 15th, 2015
I had the honour of interviewing electric bass titan, Billy Sheehan, who is currently on tour with The Winery Dogs promoting their latest record, Hot Streak, which entered Billboard's Top Albums Chart at #16. In this interview, Billy talks about songwriting, practicing, and burning your ships down. Thanks to Billy, Amanda Cagan, and Andrew King for making this interview possible! For more on The Winery Dogs, visit ... Read More

Aaron Collier

Making Music in the Matrix


From the studio to the stage, the world of digital audio is an ever-changing place where new technology creates new instruments, new types of music, and new implications on existing instruments and music. In this blog, digital audio artist Aaron Collier offers advice from experience and explorations on finding the warmth, the wonder, the consistency, and the curious aspects of making music and art with ones and zeros..

Aaron Collier is a keyboardist, controllerist, and composer. For more than a decade Aaron has consistently toured Canada as well as the U.S., China, and Bermuda with his band Scientists of Sound and previously with the now-defunct Jimmy Swift Band. He¹s a composer for live theatre, film, and TV with various companies and is continuously raising his own bar on what is possible in the world of live digital audio performance.

Latest From Making Music in the Matrix:

Performing with Ableton Live Drum Racks - August 8th, 2014
A few weeks ago I made an excellent discovery: ABLETON DRUM RACKS ARE AMAZING. They're super versatile and very easy on your CPU, meaning you can load up tons of them into an instrument rack for a whole set of joyous, live, pad-mashing action. In a nutshell, here's what I do: I load up a Drum Rack onto a MIDI track in Ableton. I've created a template that I use as my starting point that I call "00 BASIC" - the zeros are there so it's the first... Read More

Jason Raso

Jay Walking


Jason Raso's "Jay Walking" will focus on all things bass. Topics will include teaching, learning, gigging, listening, influences, gear, and just about anything that comes to Jason's mind. (And a lot comes to Jason's mind). Also, look for artist interviews and more surprises...

Jason Raso has a funk heart and a jazz head. They are hard wired together by the four strings of his bass guitar and an innate ability to craft music that will turn you into a bobble head. For over 20 years, Raso has pursued the groove to such excellence that Exclaim Magazine declares, ³Jason Raso¹s bass is a full-on orchestra of ground vibrating pleasure.² Jason maintains a busy teaching and gigging schedule and is endorsed by Spector Basses, TC Electronic Bass Amplifiers, Lava Cables, and DR Strings.

Latest From Jay Walking:

Video Lesson 2: Tapping - October 30th, 2015
Let's talk about tapping.... Read More

Dale Boyle

Exploring Your Song Routes


In this blog, Dale provides songwriting tips and insights and offers questions to engage the reader and have them share their own views and opinions!

Dale Boyle is a Gaspe-born, Montreal-based folk, roots, and blues singer/songwriter. He is an International Narrative Song Competition Winner, Lys Blues Songwriter of the Year award winner, and founder of Song Routes (, an online magazine that explores the art of songwriting. His PhD research at McGill University explored the role of music as a teaching tool and Dale has taught McGill Education courses including "Music Listening for Education" and "Listening for Learning."

Latest From Exploring Your Song Routes:

How Sting started writing songs again... - November 7th, 2015
This is interesting...A Ted Talk by Sting where he discusses how he broke out of a writing slump by writing about the hometown and community he worked to leave behind years ago...a "write what you know" approach which produced the album, "The Last Ship." WATCH THE VIDEO! ... Read More

Angela Kelman

Step Up To The Mic... Holy $#!%, Now What???


Vocal and performance insight, tips and techniques to validate what you are doing correctly and help you self diagnose and fix your challenges.

Angela Kelman is best known as lead singer of the Juno and multiple award winning group, Farmer's Daughter. For the last ten years she has been coaching hundreds of performers and creating her 5 Point Singing System vocal program.

Latest From Step Up To The Mic:

Farewell Peak Performance Project British Columbia - November 16th, 2015
For the last four years I have had the privilege of being the vocal coach on faculty for the Peak Performanc... Read More

Shawn Bradley

Other Side of the Tracks


Each week the blog will focus on techniques to assist in music production, pre-production, engineering, mixing, and mastering. Features will include tips/tricks, analog and digital gear reviews, studio experiences, interviews with industry professionals, advice about working in the industry, discovering new bands, answering readers questions and more.The blog will be aimed at all experience levels from beginners to professionals.

Latest From Other Side of the Tracks:

Other Side Of The Tracks - June 17th, 2014
This is a great chart to help with your equalizing. Photo source: ... Read More

Kim Pardy

Taking Care Of Business


From well-known and up-and-coming artists to industry personnel, we'll be interviewing those who have successfully navigated their way through the ever-changing music industry. What are they looking for in that next level artist? And do artists have what it takes to make it there?

Bio: Kim has had the pleasure of working with a variety of industry professionals over the years in booking and promotions, from indie to international touring artists. Along the way, she's learned from those that have been there and done that, both successfully and not so much. No matter what the struggle or triumph, though, for Kim, it all still boils down to hearing music that kicks ass and moves audiences

Latest From Taking Care Of Business:

Brian Moncarz - Producer, Engineer, and Mixer - November, 18th, 2015
BRIAN MONCARZ As a Producer, Engineer, and Mixer, Brian Monca... Read More

Jeff Salem

Noise Organizer


Jeff Salem is a percussion clinician, educator and the owner of JS Music Studio. Jeff has performed in over 70 countries and is active performing clinics and workshops at music stores and schools throughout the GTA. e is a writer for Canadian Musician and Modern Drummer magazine. His resume of diverse musical experience has had him perform with Diana Krall, Rob Tardik, Robin Ford, The Chieftains, Randy Bachman, Art Garfunkel, Lee Aaron, Paul Brown, Jessy J, Saints & Sinners and many more artists.

Topics discussed will include, drum tips, new gear, instructional products including books, DVD's, drummers of all genres, ages and levels. We will feature drummers from many new bands as well as classic bands. Hand percussion topics including drum circles will be discussed as well. Looking forward on taking you all on a percussive journey.

Latest From the Noise Organizer:

STRIKE ZONE by Wes Crawford - February 9th, 2015
Greetings fellow drummers, in my 20 plus years of teaching drums I have always found it a challenge to get beginner students to be cons... Read More

Paul Lau

Hot New Tech Toys


Paul Lau is a Digital Audio MIDI Specialist and contributing columnist/reviewer for Canadian Musician and Professional Sound magazines. He has been the keyboard/technology manager at Steve's Music in Toronto and AXE Music's Mega Store in Calgary. He has also worked as a product specialist for Roland Canada and a post-mastering editor for Universal Music Canada. Presently, he is owner of GetSetMusic and is Producing, teaching and playing music full time. He is part of the cool Christian pop duo Scatter17.

Paul will be exploring the ever-changing digital technology of the music world, looking for the latest and coolest music software, virtual instruments, plug-ins, and anything MIDI. He'll also be checking out the latest music-related apps for your mobile devices. And if that isn't Enough, expect new innovations in hardware instruments and connective devices!

Latest From Hot New Tech Toys:

ROLAND JUNO-DS88 - September 15th, 2015
SIMPLY CREATIVE Roland’s JUNO synths are known everywhere for their great sound, ease of use, and exceptional value. The JUNO-DS88 takes the iconic series to a new level of performance, adding many powerful enhancements while still keeping operation streamlined and simple. Equipped with 88 weighted-action keys for a premium feel, the versatile, intuitive JUNO-DS88 puts you in creative command, making it easy to produce exceptional music... Read More

James Linderman

Where The Blog & The Song Become The Blong


Welcome to the world premiere of the Blong - not just a blog and certainly not just about the song... although mostly about writing them. The Blong is where we will test drive the collection of nuts and bolts that we use as a ride to the unscheduled blind dates with our muse. It is now believed that if we attempt to improve our ability to write songs with only the conventional tools and texts called songcraft, our songs will certainly perish; however, if we do not at least look at those conventional materials, our songs are left to always wonder what it would have been like to have that information inform them. So much to consider... Welcome to the Blong side..

James Linderman lives and works at theharmonyhouse, a music lesson, songwriting, and pre-production recording studio in Newmarket, ON. Along with in-studio lessons, James also teaches guitar and coaches songwriting over Skype to students all over the world. James is the Canadian representative of a 21-member international and off-campus academic advisory board for The Berklee School of Music in Boston known as Berkleemusic Ambassadors. He has a Canadian University (York) and American College (EOSC) education in music theory, composition, and journalism.,

Latest From Where The Blog & The Song Become The Blong:

23 Cures for the Common Song by James Linderman - October 20th, 2015
23 Cures for the Common 23 Cures for the Common Song by James Linderman As a music journalist specializing primarily in songwriting, I get asked all the time to refine my best advice down to a top 10, or 12, or 20 kind of list. Like most journalists, I have certainly written my share of top 10’s but then when I look back at ... Read More

Arun Chaturvedi

The Producer's Touch


An in-depth discussion of all things to do with music creation, including songwriting, producing, engineering, and mixing....

Arun Chaturvedi is a record producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He has written and produced for a host of up-and-coming artists including James Struthers, Flo, and JUNO-nominated Little Hawk. His film and TV credits include Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Casino Jack, Pretty Little Liars, Degrassi and many more. Arun was named Producer of the Year at the 2011 Western Canadian Music Awards. He can be reached at,

Latest From The Producer's Touch:

The Lefsetz Letter - Sales vs. Spotify - January 22nd, 2015
As usual, another great read from Bob Lefsetz: Read More

Mark "The Drifter" Desloges

Letters From The Front Lines


The concept of Drifter’s writings is to inspire, inform, and indulge your love of professional touring and concert production with everything from helpful tips to real life problems and solutions that he experiences while at the shop or on the road. From audio to lighting, rigging, and shipping, this blog will dive head-first into the world of production and will share stories and information from the front lines of the Canadian concert industry.

Mark “The Drifter” Desloges is an audio technician at Tour Tech East and freelance live sound engineer/production manager. In his many years of professional touring he has crossed Canada, the United States, and ventured to China. He has shared the road with acts such as Cancer Bats, Classified, and Johnny Reid. He can be reached at

Latest Letters From The Front Lines:

Festival season is upon us... - June 12th, 2014
As summer is finally poking it's head out, technicians are getting busier. After a spring of prepping kits for summer tours it's time for me to switch gears and start thinking about this years round of summer festivals. As always I have a few on my plate, and I'm excited! It really is shaping up to be a fun season. Hope to see lots of beautiful smiling Canadian faces out there this year. Expect Lots of crazy stories, videos, and pictures to follo... Read More

Jeremy Rouse

High Plains Drifter


This blog will explore the roots of traditional country picking, incorporating Travis Picking methods, and how banjo and pedal steel techniques influenced guitarists and led to a unique type of approach. We'll look at the lives and influence of country guitar icons like Merle Travis, Jimmy Bryant, Chet Atkins, Grady Martin, Roy Nichols, Don Rich, and the Western Swing side of things, as well as how modern players like Brent Mason and Johnny Hiland and others interpret the greats.

Jeremy Rouse is a Toronto-based guitarist and boutique effects pedal builder. He has played guitar for the national tours of Jesus Christ Superstar, starring Ted Neeley, and the 30th anniversary tour of Cats. He currently teaches and plays in Toronto with The Swing Shift Little Big Band and his own instrumental group, Pre Season Draft. For more information, visit and

Latest From High Plains Drifter:

Open string licks - October 8th, 2014
Bill Keiths melodic style of banjo influenced some of these open string licks for guitar. Combining fretted notes with sustaining open strings underneath gives the illusion that the guitar has more strings than just six sometimes. It can also give a harp like effect, not quite as convincing as the harp harmonic technique but that topic would require its own article. Example 1 is in the key of D and employs the reverse banjo roll that was discu... Read More

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